Start Here

TCC: Start Here

 Integrated Advertising Campaign

Tacoma Community College is a respected educational institution in the South Sound, and has been helping local residents earn their degree or certification since 1965.

The Challenge

Tacoma Community College educates approximately 13,700 students annually and makes a positive impact on the surrounding communities by preparing its students  for the workforce. Although TCC was actively filling its classes each semester, they needed to combat the efforts of the local University to recruit college freshman from local high schools.  

The Solution

To continue to fill the seats in TCC’s classrooms, we targeted high school seniors in the surrounding areas and fought the notion that a traditional university is the only valuable college education. We launched the “Start Here” campaign, by serving our audience with digital ads to drive them to the custom landing page to learn about joining the freshman class. The major piece of campaign collateral was a YouTube pre-roll video ad that presented a first person view of one student’s path to higher education, by starting at TCC prior to joining a 4-year university.

The Results

This campaign saw impressive results and TCC freshman classes remained full even with its new, University-sized competition down the road now accepting first year students. The pre-roll video, which wasn’t a “force-watch” advertisement, had a preponderance of viewers opt to watch the video in its entirety and nearly 40,000 views! 

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