The Client

Quality Leasing has been providing reliable commercial equipment financing for close to seven decades. Their reputation in the industry is founded on their personalized attention, client-centered approach, and genuine care for their clients, making the equipment financing process effortless and pleasurable for their customers.

The Challenge

After several years of sustained growth, Quality’s business model had evolved and its position in the marketplace had strengthened. The company had invested in its technology; streamlined processes that allowed a faster pace of business, and developed new products to appeal to its core customers.

Quality’s core values remain the same—they helped fuel the growth—but it needed a new brand identity to realign the company’s positioning and reaffirm those values.

Rebranding is a delicate balancing act. In this case, we needed to demonstrate that Quality was offering something new without abandoning the reputation for excellent service and customer care.

The Solution

To better reflect the evolution of the company, Quality Leasing worked with us to revise its mission statement and refine its positioning. As the company's focus had expanded beyond leasing, we decided to change the name to Quality Equipment Finance to maintain brand recognition and more accurately reflect the company's offerings.

From there we developed the new visual brand identity—a logo and wordmark—and a new brand voice and messaging. With these in place, we built Quality’s website, keeping its look clean, honest, direct, and effective, as demanded by the new brand.


Brand Foundation

  • Renaming
  • Core work (mission statement)
  • Positioning statement
  • Logo and wordmark design
  • Brand language and messaging
  • Brand guide

Brand Awareness

  • Website design
  • Collateral design
  • Tradeshow booth design

The new wordmark symbolizes Quality’s modernity and forward momentum.

We kept the black and red palette that they are known for—a visual connection to its past—but updated the type, making it bold and welcoming.

Quality’s positioning statement was crafted to clearly reflect its primary audience and value proposition:

Quality Equipment Finance is a broker’s most dependable funding partner. Our people-centered approach, streamlined tech, and straightforward underwriting create easy wins for brokers and their borrowers.

This is the nucleus of all marketing efforts. It can be used to align and craft future messaging and advertising copy, knowing that it is synched to the company’s core values and identity.

The tagline or slogan grew from their new position.

Quality in every deal you do.

“Quality” is a term with several definitions, all of which are embraced and demonstrated by the company. Attention to detail; a personal touch; overall excellence—these are all traits that Quality Equipment Finance represents.

We redesigned the company’s website to appeal to Quality’s two core audiences: commercial equipment brokers and business owners.

The language is direct, simple, and approachable, implying a confident, mature company that believes in clarity and communication.