The Client

As a key player in the small business finance marketplace, Orion First actively attends conferences year round to stay up to date on the industry, and saw an opportunity to host its own conference: the Small Business Lending Forum.

The Challenge

The organizing, promotion, and hosting of a conference requires a broad skillset.

In addition to event planning comes the challenge of brand awareness: that is, using the otherwise private event to publicly reinforce Orion’s brand as a leader in the commercial finance and lease industry.

The Solution

The Forum gives Orion a platform to support the industry by bringing together top industry influencers for two days focused on networking, education, advocacy, and philanthropy. It’s also a major piece of their growth strategy, as the event allows Orion to connect with potential customers in a unique and meaningful way.

Sands Costner worked with Orion to develop the structure, brand, and marketing strategy for the Forum. We continue to advise each year on event content and structure, and to handle promotion and brand awareness.


Brand Foundation 

  • Naming
  • Brand voice
  • Logo design

Brand Awareness

  • Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Video production
  • Website development
  • Content marketing
  • PowerPoint presentations

First we developed a name and brand for the the Forum, then we built to streamline event registration, promote the conference, and communicate event details with participants.

We designed and printed all of the event materials, location signage, press release, and managed the online registration of attendees.

Each year we produce a shareable video recap of the event to help promote the Forum and extend brand reach across multiple channels.

The Forum includes social gatherings and a charity golf tournament for attendees. A highlight of the event, the tournament raises money for a scholarship fund and boosts social media engagement and followers for Orion.