TCC: Workforce Education

Integrated Advertising Campaign

Since 1965, Tacoma Community College has proudly been one of the 34 technical colleges in Washington state. Today, TCC offers over 50 areas of study and strives to provide a campus community that works side by side the local community of Tacoma.

The Challenge

The Tacoma Community College “Workforce Education” program includes 40 degrees and certificates for professional technical training, job skills training, and pre-college skills such as GED and ESL for pre-career training. In order to continue their dedicated community support, TCC needed to increase enrollment in this program by making it easier to apply and easier to receive tuition support.

The Solution

To boost enrollment we targeted the local Tacoma market and got the word out around town. With a famed tag-line “Use the Force” and an eye-popping superhero graphic, we placed ads on bus boards to reach eyeballs off the screen and in the real world. We then added digital retargeting ads to track our audience online and guide them to the campaign landing page to learn more and apply for the program.

The Results

Tacoma Community College has continued to see nearly full enrollment for their “Workforce Education” program, and continues to provide a local alternative to a four year university.

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