Watson's Brand Refresh

Watson’s Rebrand

How do you evolve a brand?

Watson’s Greenhouse & Nursery, located in Puyallup, Washington, has expanded over thirty years in business to become a destination for high-end garden and home decor. From year-round plants and seasonal greens, to gardening classes, fundraisers and events, Watson’s has become as much about home and living as it is about gardening.

The Challenge

Watson’s business had evolved from a greenhouse and nursery, selling plants and gardening equipment, into a South Sound destination for expertly curated home and garden decor and a respected source of gardening expertise. As their offerings expanded their brand no longer reflected the breadth of service they offered and a rebrand was in order.


Some rebrands are complete reinventions. It’s much trickier to update an existing brand infrastructure. The work is subtle, and involves more than just tinkering with fonts and colors. 


It’s abstract stuff—so how do you make it feel real?

The Solution

We dug deep and uncovered that Watson’s value is not simply in the quality products offered, but in the lifestyle they promote. Families shopped at Watson’s together, take workshops and are inspired to improve their homes and their lives.

This is the value that Watson’s provides and the message that we want to share.


For living became our theme and central message, promoting lifestyle over products.


A variation on the tagline was also developed to expand on Watson’s offerings when needed–For Garden. For Home. For Living.


We updated the brand to reflect the premier products, service, and expertise that Watson’s provides.


The name was simplified, dropping “greenhouse and nursery” allowing the brand to grow past the limited categorization and into a lifestyle.


The typeface was modernized, opting for smoother returns for a distinguished look, the colors were brightened and the ‘W’ was brought front and center, freeing it up to be utilized as a stand alone mark in marketing and on merchandise.

The Results

The rebrand and campaign that launched the new logo and messaging were a huge success, ushering in the best spring sales on record: 7% increase in revenue over previous years.

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