Metro Parks Tacoma: That’s the Point

Integrated Advertising Campaign

One of Metro Parks Tacoma’s most popular destinations, Point Defiance Park, sees more than 3 million visitors annually and features natural forest, beaches, and spectacular views of the South Sound. We teamed up with MPT to create a Field Guide and interactive park experience to ensure that visitors both new and seasoned were getting the most of their  Point Defiance Park experience.

The Challenge

Park regulars weren’t taking advantage of all the Park has to offer and may not even be aware of the diverse offerings at Point Defiance. We needed to attract new, occasional and regular visitors–both young and old–by connecting and educating them to the rich history and ecology of Point Defiance Park.

The Solution

We worked with the Point Defiance Park team, and department heads from each major attraction, to create a 28-page Field Guide and game designed to encourage visitors to explore all the park’s offerings.

The Field Guide / Game

The Field Guide is filled with illustrations of flora and fauna, fun facts and park history. Maps lead players to That’s The Point signs located throughout the park, each with a zone code and a story from a fellow park-goer. Players who collect zone codes can redeem them online for prizes. All players got a chance to win a Metro Parks All Access Pass.


We interviewed Point Defiance regulars to collect a handful of stories about their favorite memories of the park. We then chose 14 of the best stories, assigned them to a zone of the park and displayed them on signs for participants to find.


We designed digital retargeting ads to reach our online audience and drive traffic to campaign specific landing pages where they could learn more. We also created and boosted Facebook and Instagram posts to build a buzz around the park within these target-rich social media platforms.


We knew that we’d need some tempting prizes for participants, so we called on the promotional products arm of Sands Costner and created branded water bottles and a Thyme seedling kit. We then worked with Metro Parks and created coupons to Fort Nisqually, a Marina boat rental, and the Black Cat Fun Run. We then automated the prize delivery process via an online form on their website and congratulations emails. Participants who submitted codes from story signs in each zone would be entered in a drawing to win the Grand Prize; an All Access Pass to many Metro Parks Tacoma attractions, valued at $450.

Continued Support

In order to support the ongoing campaign, we needed to stay on our toes and make adjustments when necessary. These efforts included personally auditing the distribution of the Field Guides, writing and delivering scripts to better communicate with participants, and printing additional park signage to announce the game.

What Visitors Had To Say

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