TCC: STEM Degrees

Website Development

Tacoma Community College wanted to create more awareness with regard to  their core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines. TCC, like many institutions of learning across the country, recognize the dire need to have graduating students who are prepared to succeed in this new STEM-driven economy. While there are some wonderful national campaigns that tout the benefits of STEM, TCC quickly realized that they needed to have a more nuanced conversation with their students–one that was specific to the college and their core classes. In short, TCC needed to connect on a personal level with their students.

The Project

We designed and built a fresh, new site on a subdomain of the TCC website. We sought to explain the STEM courses available, the benefits of a career in a related field, and to provide resources to students interested in joining one of the programs. We used real numbers pertaining to STEM jobs (sheer # of opportunities and increased wage earning potential)  and made connections between student passions, potential STEM degrees and future STEM careers.

Device Frame

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