West Pasco Family Dental

Direct Mail Marketing

West Pasco Family Dental has been caring for smiles in the Tri-Cities for over 35 years, and continues to be a high volume, highly coveted dentist office. While other local competitors try and take their #1 spot, WPFD holds firm because of the value it places on the patient experience.

The Challenge

With new dentist offices popping up around them all of the time, West Pasco Family Dental must continue their strong marketing efforts in order to keep the top spot in the Pasco, Washington area. Luckily, the city of Pasco currently sees a large amount of new moves to the area in both the caucasian and hispanic communities, and continually replenishes the customer base with new patients to attract.

The Solution

No stranger to advertising, West Pasco Family Dental knew that it needed to keep their brand on  top of the audience’s mind to continually combat patient attrition. To meet their annual goal of new patients, we chose a time-tested tactic of the direct mailer to guarantee their business was front and center in mailboxes and, really, the community. Bold and memorable, these mailers were seasonally designed and contained new patient deals and a bulleted list of office services and specialties.

The Results

Through this direct mailer, West Pasco Family Dental continues meet and exceed its goal of new patient acquisition every year. In fact, this tactic has been so successful for this office that the design can be seen imitated (but never duplicated) every few months in some of the marketing collateral of their local competition. In short, we doubled new patient goals in the two months following a mailer and the competition took note.

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