Orion First

Rebrand + Website

Orion First has long been a well-known and highly respected brand in the world of commercial equipment finance. The company adopted an aggressive growth strategy, and expanded its services to serve a much broader industry. 

The Challenge

As startups began to disrupt the banking and finance marketplace with faster, more convenient and tech-forward solutions for borrowing money, Orion needed to adapt to serve this new type of customer. 


Some rebrands are complete reinventions. It’s much trickier to update an existing brand infrastructure. The work is subtle, and involves more than just tinkering with fonts and colors. A good rebrand can—and should—communicate abstract changes to a company’s structure, value proposition, or culture in a concrete, meaningful way. 


It’s abstract stuff—so how do you make it feel real?

The Solution

First we took a fresh gauge of the expanding market to position Orion as the premier servicer for small business lenders. Next we worked with senior leadership team to develop new company core values, purpose and mission statements to communicate Orion’s commitments: serving customers’ needs, and promoting growth in the small business lending marketplace.


From this foundational work, we designed a new logo and website that is modern, fresh, and positions Orion First as a leader in its industry. This meant a refreshed color palette, new font, logo elements and messaging that clearly communicates the value of their core services.

The Results

Since rebranding Orion First has grown its portfolio to more than half a billion dollars under management.


We opted to drop “Financial” portion of the name because this word did not communicate the full breadth of Orion’s products and services. We created the new Orion First logo with a timeless typeface and an element of growth. An element of growth was incorporated into the logo to denote optimism and future success that a partnership with Orion First would ensure. The blue and green color scheme was selected to exude trust, dependability and growth.

We dropped the word “Financial” since it evokes a narrower scope of products and services than what the company now offers


We refreshed its look with a simple san-serif typeface to convey both modernity and timelessness


The blue and green color scheme was tested and selected to project trustworthiness, dependability, and growth.


In order to convey the company’s growth and optimistic outlook, we incorporated the simple visual element of ascending bars: an instantly recognizable icon from the world of graphs and charts that signifies a confident march toward future success.

Original Logo


We worked to enhance Orion’s positioning in the marketplace by taking a fresh gauge of the evolving market and using language that clearly positioned Orion as the premier servicer for small business lenders. A new tagline reflect their commitment to serving customer’s needs. The outcome: Serving Those Who Fund Small Business

Brand Guide

A comprehensive brand guide document is the rails on which all marketing and sales efforts glide. Any client team member should be able to understand its logic and apply its guidelines. An absolute necessity for brand consistency and impact, our brand guide for Orion First includes sections on voice and tone, logo usage, color palette, design elements, imagery and type.