Orion First

Rebrand + Website

Orion First has long been a well-known and highly respected brand in the commercial equipment finance marketplace. The company expanded its services and began to serve a much broader industry. 

The Challenge

Lead an effective rebrand to position Orion First Financial as the premier portfolio servicer for small business lenders. Develop a new brand mark and tagline that reflects Orion’s commitment to serving their customers’ needs and promoting growth in the small business lending marketplace.

The Solution

A new brand that is modern, fresh and positions Orion as a leader in their industry. This meant a refreshed color palette, new font, logo elements and messaging that clearly communicates the value of their core services.


We opted to drop “Financial” portion of the name because this word did not communicate the full breadth of Orion’s products and services. We created the new Orion First logo with a timeless typeface and an element of growth. An element of growth was incorporated into the logo to denote optimism and future success that a partnership with Orion First would ensure. The blue and green color scheme was selected to exude trust, dependability and growth.


We worked to enhance Orion’s positioning in the marketplace by taking a fresh gauge of the evolving market and using language that clearly positioned Orion as the premier servicer for small business lenders. A new tagline reflect their commitment to serving customer’s needs. The outcome: Serving Those Who Fund Small Business

Brand Guide

Finally, we established a comprehensive brand guide document to help steer all future marketing and sales efforts. Included in the document: voice and tone, logo usage, color palette, design elements, imagery and type.

Website Development

Once the new Orion First brand was firmly established, we set out to build a new site. Developed mobile-first with clear calls to action throughout the site–a modern aesthetic allowed the refreshed brand to shine brightly.

Device Frame
Product Naming + Branding


Additional branding for Orion First came with the launch of a new-to-market product, SAIPH. The design dovetailed with Orion’s overall brand, creating a simple yet straight forward appeal for the credit application scoring tool.


Because SAIPH is a subbrand of Orion First, we unified the brands by incorporating the same typeface, dark blue color and similar growth angles from the parent brand.


The tagline singles out SAIPH as a unique scoring tool for small business lending. With its core business benefit at top-of-mind, SAIPH’s tagline became: The Score For Small Business Lending  

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