Pathways to Care

Program Branding

Diagnostic Imaging Northwest (DINW) launched Pathways to Care, a new program to further their commitment to exceptional patient-centered care. Pathways to Care provides a personalized consultation with a Nurse Practitioner following a breast biopsy, providing a comprehensive review of the biopsy results, care coordination, reassurance and support to women and their families.

The Project
The Challenge

Design a sub brand for DINW utilizing existing brand elements that would emulate the level of personalized care that Pathways to Care would offer. The brand needed to complement existing branding while allowing for future updates to the overarching DINW logo.


The Solution

We opted to keep the logo simple and type-based, so it would not compete with the DINW logo mark. Mint green was added to the existing DINW blue to modernized the pallet and set Pathways Care apart from other imaging services. The soft lines and colors of the type evoke a sense of comfort and care.


Authenticity became the theme in the marketing pieces. Messaging spoke of “raising the bar in women’s imaging” and offering a “clear pathway to the next steps in care” for post breast biopsy patients–fostering confidence and promising an environment of care. Candid lifestyle photos were put front and center–because Pathways to Care offers peace of mind by getting patients back on the road to health and living their lives.

Social Media

Social Media

We carried the look and feel of the posters and handouts over to Facebook and created a series of boosted posts that feature the totes out and about town. Once donors started earning totes, we celebrated their commitment to giving by featuring them in posts as well.

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