Pathways to Care

Program Branding

Diagnostic Imaging Northwest provides radiology services at five locations throughout South Puget Sound. To demonstrate and deepen their commitment to patient-centered care, they launched Pathways to Care, a new program to provide information, care, and support following a patient’s breast biopsy.

The Project
The Challenge

Undertaking a branding campaign can feel vague and overly complicated. Many organizations deprioritize branding, assuming it will take too much time and money. 


Launching a brand like Pathways to Care required (a) communicating the nature of the program, (b) provoking a response, and (c) harmonizing with the company’s existing brand identity. 


In this case, communication required sensitivity, as the program deals with breast cancer diagnosis. And since use of the Pathways to Care is contingent on a particular circumstance, the response we needed to provoke was simply awareness and name recognition. 


Can a branding campaign be limited in scope and still be effective?

The Solution

Launching a brand can be as simple as defining your audience, designing your collateral, and distributing your message within precisely targeted channels.


We kept the logo simple and typographic, so it would not compete with Diagnostic Imaging Northwest’s well-established combination (pictorial/typographic) logo. Mint green was added to the existing brand’s soft blue to modernize the palette and set Pathways to Care apart from other imaging services. The soft, thick lines and colors of the type evoke a sense of comfort and care. A sans serif font is not only friendlier, but less likely to be outdated soon.


In addition to rack cards, we designed a website landing page that offers support and information to patients. Everything was geared to be simple, intuitive, and reassuring: a clear pathway to care after receiving bad news.


Given the specific demographic we were trying to reach—women in the Puyallup area over 40—we chose to place ads on Facebook and Pandora radio. Both allow the precise targeting of an audience, which lets the client maximize their media budget. Moreover, issuing a press release allowed for some additional local exposure.

The Results

The brand launch was a success. The landing page on its website continues to garner page views throughout the year, and Diagnostic Imaging Northwest continues to promote its Pathways to Care program with corresponding logo as “the next level in patient care.”


Total Reach


Total Impressions


Total Clicks

The Pandora and Facebook ads performed well as anticipated. The former reached 27,314 people over four weeks and delivered 419,180 impressions and 223 ad clicks. The latter reached 11,026 local Facebook users, with 53,588 impressions and 200 ad clicks. These numbers show excellent engagement, and the website page views and return visitors demonstrate long-term awareness and brand traction.

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