Summer Challenge

Campaign Design, Strategy & Promotion

To grow awareness of Automated Blood Donation as a viable and valuable method of blood collection, we helped Cascade Regional Blood Services strategize and oversee the Summer Challenge Campaign.


The Project

The promotion was simple: anyone donating via Automated blood donation between June-September would be entered into a drawing for their chance to win one of three prizes tailored for our regional audience – Lift tickets to Crystal Mountain ski resort, a Staycation in downtown Tacoma at The Murano hotel, and two tickets to a Seattle Seahawks home game.


For the tagline we employed a variation of the classic lyric from the George Gershwin song Summertime, Summertime and the living is easy.” By changing the word “living” to “givin’” we added recognizable and memorable phrasing to the promotion and tied the tagline back to the main campaign goal – enticing people to give blood via Automated Blood Donation.

Supporting print materials helped us spread the message of the Summer Challenge throughout popular locations around town. We knew that our younger target audience could be reached in places like bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, so we hung posters in many of these locations to boost awareness. Smaller take-away rack cards were also produced with the campaign branding and handed out at donation centers and during events.

Social Media Campaign

Facebook and Instagram gave us a cost effective way to promote the Summer Challenge to the local community. We began our social promotions by making a feel-good summertime video to announce the Summer Challenge through a Facebook advertisement. We followed up with a series of photos carousels announcing the three great prizes available, and then with boosted posts dedicated to individual prizes up for grabs.

Even though a recent change to donor screening requirements decreased the total donor eligibility, our paid social media strategy increased participation and donation numbers from 2016 totals, and helped grow local brand awareness.

Social Media Campaign


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