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The Seattle Bitcoin startup Coinme busted into the financial sector as an industry disruptor by making Bitcoin easier to obtain. They created physical ATM-style locations where Bitcoin users could turn their electronic currency into cash, and vice-versa, through regular deposits (or bitcoin purchases) and withdrawals. With the release of the first ATM location, Coinme became the first Bitcoin ATM in the Pacific Northwest–and one of 10 in the world.

The Challenge

As a new company, Coinme required strategic branding to make a strong entrance into the financial, now referred to as Fintech, world. In fact, aside from the standard ATM design, this project was firmly in an emerging market space that required thoughtful analysis throughout the process. Introduced in 2009, the digital currency Bitcoin gave birth to an untapped, fringe sector of the financial marketplace, so it was time to engage this fledgling audience.

CoinMe Branding
The Solution

The startup required complete brand design, so we began by collaborating on the naming process right away. We continued the design by shaping their messaging, building the brand mark, and creating their logo. It was then imperative that we bring an aesthetic appeal to the ATM machine itself, so we designed a wrap-graphic to cover the outside of the ATM. This brought their branding into the physical space occupied by the user.

The Results

Since their launch, Coinme has expanded to thousands of locations worldwide.

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