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West Pasco Family Dental: Bienvenido a la Familia

Multicultural Advertising Campaign

Our client West Pasco Family Dental (WPFD) engaged us to execute a radio and print campaign in Spanish to help introduce a new Hispanic dentist to the practice. We sought to connect cross-culturally by executing both Spanish and English media buys to promote WPFD’s new bilingual dentist. This three month multicultural campaign saw spending of $25K and resulted in a 15% increase in new patients.

The Challenge

Increase new patient count by connecting with the minority majority in Tri-Cities, WA––the most current census data showed the Latino population nearing 60% in Pasco (and the Tri-Cities as a whole)–– and introduce their newest addition Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra.

The Journey

West Pasco Family Dental has always employed bilingual doctors and hygienists to better serve its Latino community. While most of their existing marketing material called attention to their Spanish speaking staff, adding “se habla español”  just wasn’t cutting it, and their patient mix had previously remained largely non-Latino compared to the area population mix as a whole.

Our Discovery

Very few offices in the Tri-Cities, WA area attempted to advertise or market to this growing demographic, and studies show that advertising/marketing to Latinos is five times more persuasive when done in Spanish. Even though many younger generation Hispanics speak English (and most speak in a hybrid known colloquially as Spanglish), many still consume Spanish-based media.

Our Goal

Grow the West Pasco Family Dental practice by bringing in new patients who identify as Latino.

The Solution

We set out to find the best media and events to connect with our demographic. We would, in our advertising, put Dr. Lopez front and center, with his family, communicating at every touchpoint that he desire to provide care for his community’s families. In order to do this we needed to seek out key channels in order to have an authentic conversation and, ultimately, connect with a Latino culture that is family-oriented, undeniably connected to pop culture and media, and experiencing exponential growth.

The Implementation

In the campaign we put Dr. Lopez and family front and center, in direct communication with our target audience. We even brought his wife and two young children into the studio and photo shoots to reinforce our message – Bienvenido a la Familia. A series of radio ads started by having Dr. Lopez introduce himself and his services to the community on the two area spanish radio stations. The spots alternated stations weekly and consisted of 4 different advertisements – two that are introductory, one that featured Dr. Lopez and family, and one that drives home office services and features. One spot had the entire Lopez family introduce themselves, including the adorable voices of his children and the smiling chuckle of his 2 year old daughter.

Welcome to the Family

The campaign featured full-color ads in the weekly Spanish periodical La Voz. We augmented these traditional ads with a direct marketing saturation mailing, in English, that was delivered to 25,000 homes in Pasco. The mailing featured Dr. Lopez and had 4 specials for new patients as well as a Kindle Giveaway that directed people to the new WPFD website.

Welcome to the Family

We also sponsored the annual Fiery Foods Festival in Pasco and had Dr. Lopez and his family handing out swag, postcards with new patient special, and interacting with families at the event. This event dovetails with Mexican Independence day so there is a decidedly Latino theme to the whole event. Most of all, this was just an opportunity for Dr. Lopez to get out in the community and raise awareness of the WPFD initiative to be a bilingual office, catering to the needs of Hispanic families.

Welcome to the Family
The Results

Average New Patients per Month grew from 30 to 90

The national average for dental offices is 20-25 patients per month


Office Patient Growth of 15% in 2014

WPFD saw its new patient total jump to 81 for the month of August, up to 90 in September and during October brought in over 100 new patients. This trend continued through year-end, growing the office patient base by 15%, even when factoring in patient attrition rates.

Over the past year SCA has taken the time to gain insight into our specific business and our needs. They have been personally engaged in every aspect of our marketing from business cards & stationary to website & video production. We have been extremely impressed with Sands Costner and look forward to a long lasting relationship.

– Greg Frodel
Owner, West Pasco Family Dental

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