Automated Blood Donation

Program Branding

Cascade Regional Blood Services is committed to providing the life saving blood products that our community demands. Because fulfilling this never ending need requires constant foresight and innovation, CRBS wanted to promote a more efficient, yet lesser known method of collecting blood products–Automated Blood Donation.

The Project

We created a new identity for Automated Blood Donation with a logo that utilizes the classic blood droplet icon, split it into three distinct sections mirroring the process of separating the blood into its 3 main components: Platelets, Plasma and Red Blood Cells.

The tagline, “Do More with Your Donation” was created to communicate that donors can increase the value of their efforts by donating via Automated. The tag openly confirms what donors already understand–their blood donations are valuable. It then builds on donor dedication by stating that they could grow their contribution with minimal effort, giving more precise and frequent donations.


Next we designed a poster and pamphlet to educate donors and promote the program. The new banding has since made its way onto t-shirts, so Automated Blood Donors can proudly display their commitment to donating.

More work for Cascade Regional Blood Services

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