A Tacoma advertising agency for over 40 years

A Tacoma advertising agency for over 35 years

At Sands Costner, we’re a team in every sense of the word–differing backgrounds, high fives, low fives and we play to win. We are the consummate professionals and possess an array of overlapping skill sets. We are: technologists, strategists, listeners, creators, kick-ass mothers, writers, Thursday night trivia champions for 11 weeks straight in 2016, designers and discoverers. Like you, we hold some pretty strong opinions when it comes to our line of work. And our opinions in marketing and advertising are shaped by past outcomes both successful and humbling.


We exist to help businesses hit their growth objectives and increase revenue year over year over year. Yes, we’re in it for the long-haul. And our primary goal? To flawlessly execute marketing plans with compelling creative that elicit real human responses from targeted audiences.


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Curtis Costner


With experience in brand management, advertising, interactive, and promotion, Curtis leads from strategic concept to tactical implementation. He has worn hats ranging from art director to producer and project leader on innumerable marketing campaigns.

Cheree Royster

Art Director

Our director in all things artistic and most things strategic, Cheree has been with Sands Costner since 2012. With twenty years of graphic design experience and a degree in communications, she steers Sands Costner’s creative output from concept to delivery. On the weekends you can find Cheree in the Cascades, Olympics, and at local music venues or vintage clothing shops.

Zak Nelson

Senior Copywriter

With experience in publishing, tourism, cooking, and higher education, Zak brings a broad knowledge and creativity to the team. He is a passionate advocate for media literacy and the art of rhetoric—the use of language to achieve a desired effect. Born in New Jersey and raised in California, he lives in Seattle with his wife and is working on a novel.

Raylene Sircable

Executive Assistant

An eight-armed sea beast of multitasking, Raylene returned to Sands Costner in 2019 to bring order, morale, and an appreciation for Mondays. She is the resident keeper of the workflow, and maintains a philosophy of presenting possible solutions when voicing concerns. When not at work, she may be found voice acting for alternate-reality games (ARGs).