TCC: Your Degree Toll Free

Integrated Advertising Campaign

With over 50 programs to choose from, Tacoma Community College is recognized as an exemplary alternative to a traditional four year university. Conveniently located in the South Sound, TCC offers programs at their campuses in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and online.

The Challenge

While the digital age has ushered in the ease of receiving an online education, traditional campuses still offer unique resources not always available through an online student portal. To better accommodate students throughout the South Sound, TCC opened their Gig Harbor campus, but still noticed students commuting daily to the Tacoma location. To counteract this costly trend, TCC needed to promote the Gig Harbor campus and increase its daily usage.

The Solution

To more effectively promote the Gig Harbor campus, we put our efforts towards an integrated campaign. With digital advertising on Facebook we were able to push our audience to a custom campaign landing page on, where we made a strong appeal to their wallets. Our message was simple – by attending classes at the closer Gig Harbor campus, students would save a great deal of time and money every day by not commuting in traffic or paying the $6 bridge toll just to get to class.

The Results

TCC has seen the desired increase in enrollment at the Gig Harbor campus and a greater number of students are able to save time and money by limiting their need to commute to class.

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