Watson’s: For Living

Integrated Advertising Campaign

Springtime in the Northwest is prime gardening season. Bulbs begin peeking through the warming earth, gardeners are ready to get outside, and Watson’s  is preparing, gathering and growing the best products and plants, ready to get the word out that the gardening season has begun.

The Challenge

Watson’s wanted to get the word out that they were more than just a greenhouse & nursery. Over the years they had expanded to become a Puget Sound destination for high-end garden and home decor, gardening classes, seasonal fundraisers and events. With a newly completed rebrand and positioning, a spring campaign was just the platform to make that happen.

The Solution

We came to realize that Watson’s value is not simply in the quality products offered, but in the lifestyle those products promoted.


Families shopped at Watson’s together, took workshops and were inspired to improve their homes and their lives. Planting their first vegetable garden, preparing for a garden party, finding the perfect chairs to lounge in on long summer days–this is the value that Watson’s provided and the message that we wanted to share.  


Watson’s–For Living became our theme and central message, promoting lifestyle over products.

Broadcast Television

One of our goals with the rebrand and For Living campaign was to connect with a younger demographic. As such, we opted to shoot a tv commercial that featured a family shopping experience at Watson’s tied in with the resulting living that took place at home.


Large format ads on billboards and bus boards ran throughout Pierce County featuring the tagline, Dig In, and subtag: Green thumb not required. Our goal was to add some youthful vitality to the campaign while reinforcing the idea that Watson’s was for everyone, especially those who were just getting into gardening…or just bought their first home.

Digital Display & Audio

This Pandora Radio campaign was focused on the core product offering at Watson’s in the spring: plants and vegetables. We made sure to feature bright plants and verdant, spring colors that communicated the end result of early spring toil in the soil.

For Living
The Results

Best Spring Season Sales On Record

7% increase in revenue the first year of running the campaign & 5% the 2nd year

The quality of Sands Costner’s work is apparent from their portfolio, but what you don’t see is the thoughtfulness and market awareness that goes into their work. They are always striving for new ways to push our brand further while maintaining the integrity of our business. The team at Sands Costner is just as passionate about their work as they are about our success and will continue to be a creative force in the growth of our business.

– Addison Gregory
Watson's Director of Marketing

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