Happy New Year from Sands Costner!

Got a resolution for sales growth? Having 2020 vision is great. Acting on it means effectively communicating YOUR BRAND. Here’s How.

The new year is a time for reflection and resolution. Yet to follow the media is to be reminded of how frequently resolutions fail. We resolve to be better, and are told what products or services will help us. And somewhere around February we realize we don’t have a plan, much less a well thought out vision. We’re told to be better consumers. But are businesses ever told to be better communicators?  

The truth is, New Year’s is a time for branding.  

January is a clean slate for businesses as well as customers. Companies fill that slate with nebulous images of what could be: a healthier, happier you, a successful enterprise, or a life bursting with love. But what will that look like to customers, in concrete terms? It’s all vague stuff—how do you make it feel real?  

As it happens, we’re experts at defining the nebulous.  

Say your business is growing. Sales were good last year. To sustain that growth you turn to marketing: you want to communicate the benefits of your new strategy while reaffirming your commitment to your core values. And you want the message to last past February.  

The trick in this case is to create not just a message but a framework for communication. A brand refresh, if you will. One that will last, and yet remain flexible enough to accommodate change.

We did this with Watson’s, which kicked off a new season of growth and the best spring sales on record.